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Pastor Sabra Johnson is an Inspirational Life Coach, Speaker, Author, and Pastor of City of Faith Church in Houston, Texas. He is nationally recognized for his passion for reaching the underserved and often overlooked men, women, teens, and children in need of life direction and a strong biblical foundation on which to build a happy, healthy, and successful life. Pastor Sabra is a devoted man of God dedicated to helping others and spreading the message of love, hope, and success through a deep personal relationship with Christ. He works with a variety of individuals through counseling, mentorship, and coaching. His one-on-one approach has enhanced countless lives and his work through City of Faith Church has directly impacted men, women, and families residing throughout Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

Originally from Georgia, Pastor Sabra Johnson is the son of Jennie Collins and the late Harrison Johnson Jr. He tragicallypastor 2 lost his father before the age of three. While this was a devastating loss, he was blessed to be the grandson of a beloved local preacher and loving care through Gary Collins. This spiritual influence in his life helped to shape his enthusiasm to learn and meditate on God’s word from an early age. Pastor Sabra truly believes that it is unexpected losses such as this that can help shape your faith. Even through such a devastating loss as a young child, he was able to overcome by the grace of God Almighty.


In addition to his role as a Youth Leader in Augusta, Pastor Sabra Johnson also served as a Young Life Leader for Young Life in Columbia, South Carolina as well as in Augusta Georgia. This ministry dramatically influences young lives be providing a constant dependable presence and sharing God’s love with them. In this organization, Pastor Sabra worked with additional Young Life Leaders to pastorbuild a sense of worth, meaning, and purpose in teens. His success in this ministry would later direct his path as a life coach and mentor and his ability to personally connect with others to share God’s word was the foundation upon which Pastor Sabra was able to build his work as a lead urban ministry coordinator at Young Life International at the age of 19. As part of Pastor Sabra’s work with Young Life, he was able to minister to youth and young adults throughout Georgia and South Carolina.

It was during his service in these great organizations and ministries that Pastor Sabra made the decision to attend college. He studied at Clark Atlanta University, Georgia State University, Augusta School of Biblical Studies, and the IDL School of Columbia Bible College.