Every Day is a Day to Show God’s Love.


Do you walk in love?  It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it.  Christ instructed us to walk in love with each other, to turn the other cheek, to help the helpless, but are you truly following this commandment.  Many times, believers feel they have to create a large dramatic show of love in order to witness to others about Christ.  I believe we have the opportunity to show God’s love to the world through simple, everyday experiences.  For example, a simple smile towards a stranger, or holding the door open for someone are kind gestures that help us to walk in love on a daily basis.

The same can be said when we interact with others, whether at church, work, home, or out and about.  Think about it.  Today alone, how many people have you come across today?  Where you helpful, kind, smiling?  Or where you in a hurry, rushed, perhaps not the most pleasant person.  I am not saying believes are to be perfect, I am just stating that as believers we are FREE.  Free from worry and stress because no matter what life throws our way, we know in our heart of hearts that God is in control.  No weapon formed against us will prosper. So there is no need for us to walk around angry, frustrated, or bitter. Its our daily actions that are the greatest witness to others.

The way we interact with people we know or perfect strangers is largest testament to our character and we are representatives of the most high God.  So as you go out, I encourage you to take the time to show God’s love. Simple gestures of kindness speaks volumes.