Pastor Sabra Johnson is dedicated to helping men, women, teens, and children who are often overlooked and underserved. Pastor Sabra Johnson’s desire is to fill the gap, reaching out to those who are in need of building a strong foundation in Christ in order to live successful and healthy lives. Pastor Sabra Johnson offers services such as life coaching, mentorship, and serves as Pastor of City of Faith Church in Houston, Texas. Pastor Sabra Johnson is also the author of numerous self-help books, inspirational books, and learning books. Below is a current list of Pastor Sabra Johnson’s most recent published books. These books are available for download or purchase at


Designed for Greatness. It takes turning on your television for just a moment to see the negative force that it out to harm today’s young people. From school shooting to drug abuse and criminal activity, it is obvious that something is out  for America’s youth before they realize their true potential. This book serves as a personal guide to help teens recognize the power that is living on the inside of them. Page by page, teens begin to activate the spirit of success in their lives, and as a result, are able to withstand the temptation and false happiness from drugs, alcohol, or other high-risk situations.  This book was written to provide hope for the hard to reach teens and troubled youth


Born to Succeed. Did you know success is coded in your DNA? Regardless of what you have been told or how you may feel, success is a part of your inner being, failure is learned. The fact is that it’s not just about hard work, the right choices, and your mindset; it is about activating the spirit of success that is already inside of you. When you learn to recognize that success is a part of who you are, a healthy and happy life is inevitable for you! This book is your turning point! Today is the day to get started on your personal path of success, beacuse you were meant for greatness. You were born to succeed! You are more than capable of the unimaginable.

Life’s Blueprint. In today’s times of low economy, high unemployment, and governmental unrest, it is easy for people to become discouraged. The world is in desperate need of hope! It is time we turned off the television sets and start focusing on what is good, what is right, and what is wholesome.  It is time to follow life’s blue print. This book is a companion guide to Born to Succeed by Pastor Sabra Johnson.  It will take an in-depth personal look into your life as a 40 day devotional focusing on the elements of success. After forty days, you will not be the same person.


40miracles-frontcover      40miracles-backcover

40 Days of Miracles is a pocket book designed to help you read God’s word daily. Each day focuses on a miracle performed by or in the name of Jesus Christ. Each miracle is applied to a life application and scriptural references are included. This is the perfect book to keep with you and reference at any time.


40miraclesteen-frontcover    40miraclesteens-backcover

40 Days of Miracles For Teens applies biblical stories to real-life circumstances. From cyber bullying to peer pressure, this deals with issues many young people face today. Each day is referenced with a scripture from Proverbs, bible story, and life application that can help serve as a inspirational guide for a teen’s life.