Pastoral Coach

signature2Pastor Sabra Johnson has been in the pastoral service since he was a teenager. Pastor Sabra Johnson’s years of experience has allowed him to perfect his skills as a pastor-preacher, feeling comfortable and confident at the pulpit.  Today, Pastor Sabra Johnson offers guidance to young and emerging pastors looking to forward God’s kingdom. Pastor Sabra Johnson works on a one on one basis with young pastors. Pastor Sabra Johnson pastoral services include helping pastors to:

  • Gain valuable insight to fulfill their pastoral mission.
  • Provide resources that can be used as guidance and inspiration.
  • Guide pastors through changes in leadership and church structure.
  • Help develop a niche or original approach to their target audience.
  • Give insight on building a church and congregation.
  • Serve as a mentor and supporter as pastors pursue their higher calling.

If you are a young pastor, contact Pastor Sabra Johnson today and get the support you need to fulfill your God-appointed dreams!